Travis S. Horn

Age: 12

​Hometown: La Verne, California (USA)


Race Number: National #1 (Flat Track) #12 (MotoAmerica Mini Cup)

Nickname: Cornerspeed / T Horn

Birthday: December 7, 2007

Occupation: Student - 7th Grade

Current Motorcycles:

KTM 85 (Stock & Mod) KX65, KLX110 (Mod), CRF 50 Ohvale 160 and 190

Started Racing: September 2013

First Race Bike: CRF 50 with an 82 kit

First Race: 5 years old

Relatives in Racing:

Jeremy Horn (Dad) and Jenson Horn (Younger Brother)

Favorite Tracks:

• Road Racing - Apex Kart Track, Perris, CA

• Flat Track - Perris Raceway, Perris CA

• Speedway: Industry Racing, Industry, CA
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Movie: Lego Ninjago
Favorite Color: Yellow or Neon Pink

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Thing: Getting Sideways

Hobbies: Scootering, Basketball, Reading and Goon Riding

Height: 4'8"


Weight: 98 lbs

Shoes: 7.5

Size: Y XLarge


Quick Facts

Welcome to my Official Web-Page! My name is Travis Sebastian Horn and I race motorcycles.


I started racing Speedway and Flat Track at the age of 5 and started road racing at age 7. I wanted to start riding a motorcycle after I saw my Dad win a super moto race at Apex Kart Track. I told my Dad I wanted to win a trophy too and he told me I had to start riding first. I told my mom I wanted to win a trophy that was taller than me one day. My mom and Dad both had Honda 50s. I cleaned the carburetor myself on one of them and my Dad took me to the soccer field to try and ride for the first time. I fell over a few times which scared me a little. I didn't ride for almost a year after that.  My Dad took us to a speedway race at the Industry Hills Expo Center and I immediately wanted to start racing after I saw the peewees. For the next month, every weekend we went to my Grandma and Papa's house to ride in their back yard. I won, my first race at Southern California Flat Track Association in Perris, CA at 5 years old. That is also where I was nicknamed "Cornerspeed" by the former announcer, Jaime Blunt. I won my first SCFTA Series Championship the following year. I raced speedway in the peewees every Friday night at Pirate Speedway in San Bernardino, CA and raced every Wednesday night in the summer time at Industry. I  learned that being handicapped meant that I was fast and needed to practice how to get through traffic. To improve, you need someone fast to chase.


When I'm not racing I love to learn from the adult riders. I also love reading, playing basketball and goon riding.